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I'm Not an Internet Marketer

I'm a coach first and foremost (since 2011).

I believe coaches like us are yearning for truth about why things work or don't work. We don't need more tactics or cookie-cutter templates when it comes to business.

(We certainly don't need more bullshit either).

We want to learn on a deeper level what to do differently but more importantly who we need to become to create what we want. Because that's exactly what our clients want from us.

The problem is the average coach earns only $61,800 a year ᴬ. Something is very wrong with how we're being taught to grow our business.

Here's how I'm fixing this.

2016 ICF Global Coaching Study

Why Most Coaches are Failing

Most resources for growing a coaching business are incomplete (and often broken). They're biased too heavily toward the MIND or the HEART and this misbalance prevents coaches from creating thriving, sustainable businesses.


They fall into two categories:

Mind Heavy

Cookie-cutter, step-by-step tactics for making money. Very detail-oriented but leave little to no room for creativity or exploration. Tools are given and new skills are taught in bite-size pieces. A coach who utilizes these programs eventually faces burnout.

Heart Heavy

Highly inductive guidance that creates alignment and personal fulfillment. Big-picture-oriented but lacks detail and direction. A coach learns a great deal about who they are but doesn't receive enough practical solutions for making money.

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Where Things Break Down

A coach's MIND or HEART misbalance shows up in four key areas in their business:



Your message is the language you use to communicate who you are, what you do, and why you do it. It is the absolute make-or-break point of every business.

MIND-heavy messaging is clear and specific but it lacks an emotional connection with your ideal client.

HEART-heavy messaging creates an emotional bond with your ideal client but it lacks clarity and specificity. Confused prospects don't invest money.



Your offer is the value you are providing in exchange for money.

MIND-heavy offers make sense logically but seem very similar to many others available. Potential clients will have a tough time seeing how you are different.

HEART-heavy offers stand out and demonstrate a unique transformation but justifying value in dollars is difficult. Most coaches here struggle with Imposter Syndrome and are terrified of not delivering on what they promise.


Lead Flow

Lead Flow is the quantity and quality of opportunities you receive to land new clients.

MIND-heavy lead flow results in higher quantity but quality is often low. Funnels, webinars, and SEO are all great tools but frequently yield unqualified prospects who don't truly resonate with the coach.

HEART-heavy lead flow results in higher quality but quantity is unpredictable. Many coaches share free content that yields engagement but very few interested potential clients. 



Conversion is the process of guiding potential clients to enroll and invest in your services.

MIND-heavy conversion has you leading and pushing the sales process forward but prospects often push back with heavy resistance and objections.

HEART-heavy conversion helps your clients trust you and intuitively align with hiring you but will test your authority to deliver results. Coaches here have a real challenge standing in their power and not being submissive to a prospect's doubts. 

This is Different

The Genuine Authority Method guides coaches to combine the practicality of logic, systems, and tools (MIND) with the wisdom of joy, love, and universal principles (HEART).

To build a successful and sustainable coaching business, all four of the key elements (left) must be honored and connect with a potential client's MIND and HEART. 

This is your pathway to create razor sharp and unique messaging, profoundly valuable offers, and a steady stream of curious prospects ready to commit to a new transformation only you can deliver.

Each key element builds on the one below. Let's break it down in more detail...

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1. Choose Your Message

Clarifying your message starts with discovering your mission. This is comprised of the deepest aggravations about a status quo you will no longer stand for and your vision for what must change. We use this mission to transform you from a generalist coach solving a variety of problems to a unique specialist dedicated to solving one specific problem.

We then choose who your ideal client is and align your mission with the challenges they most value having solved and the tangible outcomes they most value creating. Your message is sharpened through real-world feedback until your clients understand it mentally and connect to it emotionally.

2. Craft Your Offer

We start with a complete inventory of your wisdom, ideas, skills, and experiences so that you can own your value and begin creating unique IP featuring your gifts.

We then take your IP and craft an offer that provides both tangible, measurable results and intangible growth and transformation for your clients. We reach the sweet spot when it is something they have never seen before and yet simultaneously perfect for them.

This is where Imposter Syndrome goes to die and the full extent of your authority begins to blossom. 

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3. Create Leads

We utilize Sticky Content and Automated Messaging to break through the wall of noise and get your finely-tuned message directly in front of your ideal clients.

Sticky Client creates a polarity response in your audience (this is exactly for me/I want nothing to do with this) that creates a visceral connection with your potential clients.

Automated Messaging allows you to consistently connect with more of your ideal clients and build a steady pipeline of conversations.

Together your trust and authority increases and leads to interested prospects.

4. Convert Dream Clients

There are five emotions your clients must experience before they're ready to hire you. Instead of feeling as if you must push and persuade your clients to see your value, you'll address each of these five emotions with honest, direct conversations that produce clients who pay you (often in full).


You'll receive ongoing feedback from me for all of your sales calls to further tweak your communication so you show up as your best self. No scripts, cookie-cutter templates, or cheap tactics. Just you standing in your power and signing up the clients you have always wanted to serve.

What to Do Next:

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